London Dungeon to sell unwanted stock

One of the capital’s most popular tourist attractions is to sell hundreds of its macabre props at a Pimlico car boot sale.

The London Dungeon is moving to a new location within the underground vaults of County Hall, on the Southbank, in March, having occupied its current site on Tooley Street for 38 years.

The new attraction will feature new costumes, theatrical sets and props, meaning all its blood-curdling kit will be up for grabs at the sale on Sunday, February 3.

Items on offer include an “array of torture and surgical equipment”, “severed limbs”, “false eyeballs”, “plague doctor’s potions”, “Sweeney Todd razors”, shackles and chains and blood-stained period costumes. The odd human skeleton and a set of authentic stocks, which have held several famous names – including Jonathan Ross, Christina Aguilera, Michael Douglas and Alice Cooper – will also go on sale.

“When we move, we’re not just changing address, we really are creating something totally new so inevitably we have rather a lot of items from Tooley Street that need re-homing,” said Ben Sweet The London’s Dungeon’s general manager. “Rather than sell them all off to a theatre prop shop or museum we decided to let fans have a chance to own a bit of our horrible history.”

Now *this* I have to see! You can read more here.

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