Richard III: are you related to the dead king?

Members of the public are being offered DNA tests to find out if they are related to the disinterred King Richard III.

A skeleton found in a Leicester car park was last week confirmed by DNA tests to be the missing remains of the king.

The remains of Richard III, who died in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, were uncovered last September in the remains of Grey Friars Church in Leicester. A council car park had been built over the site.

The archaeologist who led the investigation, Dr Turi King of the University of Leicester, is to appear at the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? Live exhibition later this month.

Visitors to the show will also be able to take part in a DNA test to see if they descend from Richard III.

Dr King said: “As an archaeologist it is really unusual to be given a chance to look for someone who you can actually put a name to, who isn’t anonymous but is an important historical figure with a tangible story. Sometimes it feels a bit surreal, Indiana Jones-ish even.”

Annie Dodd, of Who Do You Think You Are? Live, said: “The revelation has really touched a chord amongst the public.

"There has been so much mystery surrounding Richard III and now people are getting the chance to meet Turi, ask questions and learn how her team unearthed one of the most infamous monarchs of all time.

"Some may even be related to the King, and we will be offering DNA tests to explore this.”

Richard III’s remains are to be reburied in a ceremony at Leicester Cathedral following the discovery.

David Monteith, Leicester Cathedral Canon Chancellor, said the remains would be reinterred early next year in a Christian-led but ecumenical service.

He said that because it would have been “unheard of” for the king not to have received a formal burial at the time, he could not be buried again and so it would be a service of remembrance.

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