Chicago’s Cook County Medical Examiner posts photos of unidentified dead bodies on website 

The medical examiner began posting photos in an effort to help families identify missing loved ones. The grisly pics, which come with a disclaimer, may cause ‘discomfort,’ but giving families the chance to ID the missing remains is important, the chief medical examiner says.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has begun posting photos of unidentified bodies on its website in an effort to help families find missing loved ones. 

In an effort to help families find lost loved ones, Chicago’s medical examiner on Wednesday began posting photos of unclaimed bodies on its website.

The new feature comes with a disclaimer warning viewers about the grisly pics.

"Please be advised of the potentially graphic nature of the images that you are linking to," the warning says.

"They are from the autopsies of unidentified persons and some may be in a somewhat decomposed or damaged state."

On Thursday, the site contained seven photos of three unclaimed bodies, two that have been at the morgue since 2011 and one since 2010.

Along with the photos, the site, which was recently revamped, was offering additional identifying details such as height, clothing or tattoos, a Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office spokesperson told DNA Info Chicago.

Chief medical examiner Dr. Steve Cina admitted that the photos were hard to look at, but said they’d be crucial in helping families or friends identify their loved ones.

"We’re hoping that that photo can trigger somebody’s memory, that you know, that person grew up down the street from me, or that person used to live nearby and I know where their mom is," Cina told FOX Chicago.

Before arriving at Cook County in the fall, Cina served as the deputy chief medical examiner in Broward County, Fla., which also posts pics of unclaimed John Does on its website.  

Although the images may cause some discomfort, “it’s worth it to reunite some families,” Cina said.

Cina said the photo feature has already helped one Michigan family identify their daughter, whose remains had been unclaimed for a year. That family wasn’t identified.

Regina O’Neal, who was at the morgue waiting to identify a body, said the photos would help bring some families closure.

"There are so many individuals out here who are missing, so maybe this will give us an opportunity to locate them," she told FOX Chicago.

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